Posted on February 26, 2022

Analuisa Corrigan is a Ceramic Artist and Designer known for her sculptural spatial design, creating playful figurative lamps and more from clay. Raised between NYC and San Diego, she studied at Parsons but the pandemic brought her back to the West Coast. She now lives and works in Los Angeles. We caught up over lunch to chat about her work, inspiration and daily routines.

Out of all mediums, what led you to ceramics?

I studied oil painting and graphic design in school and I think I always felt a bit restricted by those two mediums. They felt flat compared to the possibilities I saw with clay. I also just really gravitated towards working with such a complicated material - there are so many beautiful corners to explore within clay. 

So much of your work is functional yet still playful - what first inspired you to work with lighting and functional objects?

I come from a family of stagehands - it’s a very familial trade. My entire dad’s side of the family works in theater. I think being surrounded by craftsmen my entire life, really instilled the value of learning and committing to a hands-on skill. I grew up around lighting designers, wood-workers, carpenters, etc. I think those relationships had a lot to do with my interest in pursuing ceramic lighting design. 

What does a typical day in the life look like?

I wake up, take care of my dog and have some breakfast and coffee, then I either spend the entire day at the studio or I’m running work related errands - picking up clay, lampshades, etc. There are so many different phases that the clay goes through before its finished - so I usually rotate my days around my pieces - some days I’m coiling, some days I’m sanding or glazing, etc. Then there’s the forever shitty admin work (invoices, e-emails), that I usually put off until the very last minute. The best days are when I can fit in a hike in evening, cook dinner and still have time to binge Ozark.

How do you stay inspired and avoid burn out as a working artist? Any self-care rituals?

I used to be really hard on myself when I was feeling uninspired to create new work, but now I just try to not take myself too seriously or else I’ll go nuts. I write things down all day and sketch when I’m feeling inspired. I make sure to spend time doing things that fuel me creatively outside of ceramics. I cook a lot, which relaxes me and makes me happy. I also started auditioning for projects since moving to LA, which has been a really exciting and new way to force myself to be vulnerable and creative outside of my day to day work. 

How has living in Los Angeles impacted your style? 

Honestly I wouldn’t be caught dead in leggings and sneakers when I lived in NY! Now it’s kind of my uniform. I just want to be comfortable and feel good. I love crocs.

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